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Dryer, Furnace systems, Engineering

Tesoma produce high-quality dryers and machines – Made in Germany. Whether customized or standardized you will find the right solution with us. We pay attention to ecology and energy efficiency and have a look to future trends. Thanks to foresight, quality and reliability we are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of dryers.
We manufacture extraordinary dryers and everything …


Specialists in drying technology

Tesoma Mitarbeiter am Schaltschrank

In the areas:

Drying – Fixing – Cooling – Finishing – Special solutions

As Specialists with the necessary Know-how in various fields we manufacture special solutions, produce continuous dryers and industrial furnaces as well as special machines, such as for photovoltaic thin-film recycling.Our drying modules are applicable in plate glass and textile finishing, in graphic or digital printing. Our ovens are mainly used for industrial applications to convert customized solutions for thermal processes as well as in the solar industry to manufacture silicon-based modules.

Please use the application areas to find the right machine or equipment for your special needs.


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