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Tesoma GmbH - Durchlauftrockner Tunneltrockner Industrietrockner Kanaltrockner


Experiences as a base of success

We build extraordinary DRYERS and everything, except for ordinary equipment.

Since 2016 TESOMA has been a part of LFFICIENCY Holding (former Loser Holding). This also includes a plant in Zwickau which produces chemical products and a company in Tangermünde that produces phosphorus fertilizers. With a high personal commitment we pursue a great goal. We would like to lead our customers to success, says the current Managing Director Ulrich Loser. Because dryers are our world. Every day, we are developing, manufacturing and carrying out research into new ideas and solutions. For us it is not enough to take a lateral few, our glance moves forward. In this way, we identify brand new pioneering pathways for our customers. With this principle, we are constantly working to improve, in order to recognize certain customer wishes in advance.


Facts and Figures


More than two decades of experience

Founded: 1993
Production area: 6500m²
Employees: appr. 100
Delivered machines: 1,800
Supplied countries: 53
Turn over (2016): 7 million
certificates: ISO 9001
Energy savings by heat recovery: 800 GW/year


TESOMA started with 3 engineers

TESOMA was founded in 1993. In 2003 the company moved to the industrial zone Ottendorf in the municipality Lichtenau.

TESOMA has got a new Managing Director in 2016. Ulrich Loser, born in Rhineland Palatinate, is the shareholder of LFFICIENCY Holding GmbH (former Loser Holding GmbH), which owns TESOMA GmbH. TESOMA started with the development of industrial drying systems in the textile business and later the graphic area was added. Subsequently, the Saxon company entered the plate glass sector. Meanwhile TESOMA is also a developer and system supplier for the thermal treatment of industrial components. In addition, we manufacture equipment for the photovoltaic recycling process developed by the sister company of Loser Chemie. The production area of 6500 square meters has been expanded by 2000 square meters when the building of a neighbouring metal construction company was bought. This trend is ascending.


7 Reasons pro Tesoma

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Quality and environmental responsibility

You do not have to reinvent the “WHEEL”…

… but we can find a “TIRE” for each customer with the appropriate “PROFILE”. The requirements for your start-to-finish victory are provided by our qualified and creative “CREW”. Due to the knowledge gathered over the past decades we are ready for your special requirements. Do you have a “FLAT TYRE” that needs to be “PATCHED” or are you looking for very special products and prototypes? Then a “PIT STOP” can be extremely important to continue your success with the necessary “GRIP”.

And if you do not need a “WHEEL”, then we will find something new for you. In order to implement your ideas, we offer services in the fields of welding, varnishing, mechanical and electrical assembly, commissioning and test execution. Especially engineering companies enjoy our flexibility, because with our know-how, we are able to realize very special projects which go far beyond the dryer production.

More than a 'dry' job

Tesoma is looking for new employees:

Specialists and trainees

With each and every one of our valued employees, Tesoma is growing a bit towards progress. Of course we are always looking for creative inventors, motivated people and qualified professionals. Unsolicited applications are also welcome.

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For further questions please contact: Jens Eidam
Phone: +49 37208 88788-20