Glass dryer GIANT – continuous dryer for jumbo glass and with selective infrared

Unser Glastrockner Durchlauftrockner GIANT - Jumboglas bis zu 3,70 m Breite und 25 mm Dicke

GIANT is our powerful glass dryer that can handle jumbo glasses up to 25 mm thick and widths up to 3,700mm. It is ideal for drying and fixing single-sided coated glass surfaces with ceramic, organic, non-organic and other colors as well as digital inks and can be combined with all common coating technologies, such as screen printing, roller coating, digital printing, curtain coating and edge enamelling.

Hot air and/or IR

Stepless control

Optimale Trocknungsergebnisse mit Tesoma Textiltrocknern durch hohes Umluftvolumen

High air volume

Unser Glastrockner GIANT verarbeitet auch Jumboglas bis zu 3,70 m Breite und 25 mm Dicke

Jumbo glass

Glastrockner GIANT mit selektivem glasbreitenabhängigen Infrarot IR

selective infrared

Performance features

  • Electrically heated continuous dryer for flat glass up to a thickness of 25 mm and widths up to 3,700 mm
  • Evenly and homogeneous drying of large slices thanks to a unique operating principle above the glass pane
  • Highest drying quality
  • Cost reduction through the use of heat recovery system as well as track-width-dependent selective infrared
  • Energy savings through custom made tailored user programs
  • Stepless adjustable drying temperature up to 180 °C
  • Custom dryer design by modular construction
  • User-friendly PLC control with recipe management
  • Comfortable maintenance option – horizontal hood opening with motor support

Application areas

  • Can be combined with all common coating technologies, such as screen printing, roller coating, digital printing, curtain coating or edge enamelling
  • Suitable for large and thick panes
  • Highest demands on the production capacity

Use case examples

Anwendungsbeispiele Glasdruck Glastrockner
Anwendungsbeispiele Glasdruck Glastrockner
Anwendungsbeispiele Glasdruck Glastrockner


Glastrockner GIANT Durchlauftrockner

Easy hood opening with
engine support

Free positioning of the
comfortable control panel

Glastrockner GIANT Durchlauftrockner

Stainless steel wrapped
transport rollers

Combination of hot air and infrared

Dimensions in mm

Glastrockner GIANT in Modulbauweise

Technical data of the continuous dryer

  • Belt width: 3,000 mm, 3,500 mm and 3,700 mm
  • Module types: Combination hot air / infrared (2 m), cooling module passive (2 m), inlet / outlet (0.52 m)
  • Heating: electrically heated, process air steplessly adjustable up to 180 °C, stepless adjustable infrared, optionally switchable in groups
  • Max. thickness of slices: 25 mm
  • Transport system: active driven transport rollers wrapped in stainless steel tape
  • Belt speed: stepless adjustable from 1 to 10 m/min
  • Working height: 935 mm up to 1,000 mm
  • Control: comfortable PLC control: stand-by mode, recipe management, process interfaces (eg speed adjustment of transport systems), temperature control, optionally adjustable circulating air volume
  • Electrical connect: 400 V, 3 PEN, 50 Hz, optional other versions available on request

Overview continuous dryers for the glass industry / glass dryers

Glastrockner GIANT - Durchlauftrockner für Jumboglas

Vielleicht ist Ihnen der Tunneltorckner GIANT auch als Industrietrockner, Durchlauftrockner, als Durchlaufofen, Kanaltrockner oder eben Trockenkanal bekannt? Ganz gleich unter welcher Bezeichnung – der leistungsfähige GIANT Glastrockner von Tesoma ist immer eine gute Wahl und macht in Sachen leistungsfähigkeit seinem Namen alle Ehre.