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Graphic Dryer - Dryer for graphic / polygraphic products

The colorful variety - Printed products need different drying depending on the type. Our advanced developments for cross-linking UV curing or drying of solvent-based printing inks achieve extremely low energy requirements. Our graphic / polygraphic dryers offer you optimal possibilities for printing on paper, cardboard, foil, displays, printed circuit boards, rigid PVC and much more.

GID - Graphic Industry Dryer

GID Graphic Industry Dryer - universeller Durchlauftrockner für die grafische Industrie zum Trocknen und Fixieren von lösemittelhaltigen sowie wasserbasierenden Farben, UV-Pasten und vernetzenden Farbsystemen.

The GID – Graphic Industry Dryer is a universal continuous dryer for drying and fixing solvent-based and water-based inks, UV pastes and curing ink systems. It is used in the graphics / polygraphics industry and dries everything – even “light weights” down to 80g / m²

Optimale Trocknungsergebnisse mit Tesoma Textiltrocknern durch hohes Umluftvolumen
UV Trocknung für industrielle Trockner Industrietrockner
Aktivkühlung für industrielle Trockner Industrietrockner

Graphic dryer DRYLIGHT

Durchlauftrockner DRYLIGHT Textiltrockner zum Trocknen von wasserbasierenden und lösemittelhaltigen Farben sowie Flockklebstoffen und vernetzenden Farbsystemen.

Our DRYLIGHT graphic dryer is excellently suited for the highest production capacity requirements in the graphic / polygraphic industry. Its highlights are the high volume of air circulation and the option for double-band version.

It is suitable for drying waterborne and solventborne paints as well as flock adhesives and crosslinking paint systems.

Optimale Trocknungsergebnisse mit Tesoma Textiltrocknern durch hohes Umluftvolumen

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