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Solar dryer for solar modules

Solar dryer

Drying systems for silicon based modules

Sensitivity to your energy: We develop and manufacture solar drying modules for silicon based modules and other solar systems.


Exclusive in cooperation with JRT Photovoltaics. By means of the highest precision and process optimization you minimize the risk of breakage in production with TESOMA systems. Benefit from our network and achieve the best possible efficiency of your photovoltaic modules.


A competent and effective solution: Solar dryer from Tesoma.

systems for photovoltaic recycling


The right solution for photovoltaic-Recycling

Our sister company of Loser Chemie, developed the chemical process and we are manufacturing the systems to separate the solar panels.

The individual processes were recorded in our company for an industrial film to illustrate the complex procedure. When the "ramp-up" phase has been completed in Lichtenau the equipment is placed in Tangermünde at a group-internal recycling company.

LFFICIENCY Holding - Tesoma, MHM, FRESITEC, CWT, Loser Chemie, LoComp


In 2016 a new Electronic Waste Recycling Act came into effect, ...

... that major distributors are obliged to take back electrical scrap.

Since June 2017 distributors are subject to a fine of up to € 100,000 in the case of a breach of the obligations to return electrical and electronic equipment.  

Many efforts to develop ecologically and economically sound recycling processes for photovoltaic modules have failed in recent years, while a universal method has been established step by step in Saxony.

The process, which was awarded the Saxon Environment Award in 2015 and the IQ Innovations Award in 2016, could now be transferred into an automated and turn-key PV waste recycling plant by the collaboration of the sister companies TESOMA GmbH and Loser Chemie GmbH belonging to LFFICIENCY Holding. The modules are initially exposed, which makes it possible to separate the disks in the following part of the system.

Worldwide this process is unique thanks to the option to sort the different glass qualities of the front and rear glass, which is not possible with shredding methods.
In principle, access to hydrometallurgical methods for dissolving the semiconductor and conductor layers is made possible by opening the modules without destruction.
We at Tesoma are extremely proud to work with our sister, Loser Chemie, to make a contribution to improving resource efficiency.

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