Tesoma - Partner für Trockner werden

We are looking for: the best partners for the best textile dryers

Let’s open up new market segments together and win new customers: Tesoma GmbH has an innovative product portfolio that offers attractive business opportunities. In order to expand further, we are seeking international partners for our textile business.

Tesoma - Qualität Made in Germany

Sell quality “Made in Germany” from the specialist. We have been active worldwide in the field of industrial textile dryers for over 25 years and offer top quality “Made in Germany” appreciated by our customers around the world.

Tesoma Premium Qualität Textiltrockner

Sell high-end machines and high technology from one of the leading manufacturers in the highest quality. Here you will find our portfolio in the textile sector.

Tesoma - Qualität Made in Germany

Join the Tesoma Family: We cultivate trust. Anyone who is a Tesoma partner will work with us over the long term and become part of our community.

Tesoma Partner werden Trockner

Get world-class support and help. You get access to all important materials and support through sales, service and marketing. We connect you with the right people for your success.

You are welcome

You have knowledge / experience in the textile industry, preferably as a printing machine dealer or in printing machine distribution. Alternatively, you come from the machine trade or provide service or maintenance services in this area.

Just get in touch

Just get in touch with us. We jointly discussed the possibilities of a partnership.







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