Smart Control – the innovative smart control for industrial dryers

With the innovative Smart Control for industrial dryers Tesoma takes an important step into the future and supports its customers in digitizing their production processes.

Smart Control Steuerung für industrielle Trockner - Hier am bewährten DRYLIGHT Trockner

Smart Control opens up completely new possibilities for the operator on the industrial dryer machine. The monitoring of the current operation, for example the monitoring of the temperatures in the different heating zones, becomes more transparent and clearer. All operating states can be called up quickly. The operator always keeps an eye on all the essentials.

It also makes Recipe Management possible

The simple and comprehensive operation is only one advantage of the new touch control for industrial dryers. With this step in the direction of digitizing, there is not only the possibility of remote access or machine maintenance from any location. There is also the possibility of retrieving data via an interface and thus enabling the connection to software tools, for example for operational data acquisition (for example BDE).

The new innovative Smart Control is available for our proven universal DRYLIGHT dryer. Click here for the DRYLIGHT dryer.